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In acknowledgement of the unity in sport in South Africa in general and the formation of one single controlling body for shore angling, in particular, the Western Province Rock & Surf Angling Association (W.P.R. & S.A.A.) and Western Province Anglers Association (W.P.A.A.) merged on the twenty sixth day of May 1994 to form a single controlling body for organized angling in the Western Cape. This body shall be the sole representative of all organized competitive shore angling for the Province.

The name of the Association is the Western Cape Shore Angling Association.

The headquarters of W.C.S.A.A. will be the same as that of the annually appointed President or Secretary. The postal address at present is: P O Box 563, SANLAMHOF, 7532.


- To be the governing body of its member clubs and to administer the sport
of amateur shore angling amongst its clubs.
- To maintain and foster the best traditions of amateur shore angling.
- To define the status of amateur shore angling in its Clubs and their members
and to do, whatever may be necessary or expedient to maintain and uphold the same.
- To further the rights, interests, or status, of amateur shore anglers in general.
- To make and enforce rules, regulations and conditions governing the sport of
amateur shore angling in all its facets, and all matters pertaining thereto, including
the nomination of individuals and election of teams.
- To arrange and settle dates, venues and other details, of inter-club and any other
- To affiliate with, or to, any other body having objects in any way similar to these
objects, in the Republic of South Africa or elsewhere, including, inter alias,
national bodies.
- To join with any such body in carrying out of objects in anyway similar to these
objects, and to participate in inter- provincial, national and international
contests or competitions, and to control the award of Provincial Badges
and Colors to members selected to represent in such competitions.
- To promote and encourage conservation of the marine environment,
the resources and to ensure the continuation of the sport of Shore Angling.
- To inform all members of any amendments to the laws governing marine
species and/ or the coastal environment.
- To gather reliable information about angling, angling resorts and fishes
and to make it available to Member Clubs.


The Association consists of member clubs, such member clubs and their affiliated members having their respective residential addresses within the magisterial districts of Malmesbury to the south of the 33 deg. 30 minute South Latitude, Bellville, Cape, Wynberg, Goodwood, Simonstown, Kuilsriver, Mitchells Plain, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Paarl and Wellington. All members domiciled in the above mentioned co-ordinates shall participate under the ambit of WCSAA and may not be a member of another affiliated association or club except as a social member.

The Association ensures that its member clubs adhere to the principles of non-racialism and non-sexism, and shall accept members irrespective of their race, color, creed or religion. The WCSAA has fostered the spirit of Ubuntu in principle and deeds that lead us to the enviable position that truly reflects the passion of the rainbow nation.


The association strive's on an ongoing basis to constructively develop Rock and Surf angling and all its accompanying attributes. We believe that the WCSAA is the undisputed leader in development of Rock and Surf angling in South Africa. Whilst other Provinces members numbers are declining, our association has increased the membership not only on a quantitative basis, but we have made appreciable qualitative adjustments as well. Since 2005 our membership has increased by 21% from 265 members to 320 in 2008. Our belief is that development starts with educating and training in all facets, not only previously disadvantaged individuals but also the experienced anglers on issues that affect the sustainability of our sport. The principled leadership driven management of the association ensured that objectives were set and plans instituted and completed till the required results were achieved. Many theoretical and practical seminars were held where the experienced anglers had to share their knowledge with the novice and intermediate level anglers. This created an environment of curiosity and lead to the will to learn and we are constantly inundated with non league anglers expressing an interest in joining our league. It is with pride we acknowledge that our WP Development team have earned their position and can wear the Provincial colours with pride. We are furthermore proud of the fact that we are the only Province that has sent a fully representative Development team to the Development Nationals over the past two consecutive years.

The management of Western Cape Shore Angling Association launched a programme in 2004 to enable the public to clearly identify it's members and distinguish between organised anglers and any non-league anglers. This differentiation included having personalized numbers on display on anglers clothing, bait box and each club to have distinctive colours. Each affiliated member should also have a litter bucket and should ensure they act as ambassadors for our sport as agreed to by the acceptance of the associations code of conduct.. The programme was necessary not only for identification purposes but also to improve the image of angling and what we stand for. Our anglers are made aware of what impact our activities have on our environment and natural resources and have to at all time align their actions to the values and ethos that the association stands for.

The WCSAA releases our strategic intent, vision and desires as agreed by all clubs after our annual INDABA and we strive to maintain that character required to fulfill and honour those objectives. We are ever vigilant against complacency and remain cognisant of the fact that success is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration and a continuous commitment is required to ensure our continued success. That, we believe, is exactly what our affiliate members did extremely well this past season and we wish to maintain this in the future.

Against that backdrop, it is self evident that none of our WCSAA's achievements would be possible without the assistance, commitment and dedication of it's executive committee members, our general body members, our affiliate member clubs and each individual member that has pride of place in our association. Our objective we have set since unification is coming to fruition as we believe that when obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, however you do not change your decision to get there.


As the executive committee of the WCSAA, we believe that our strategy offers growth opportunities for each and every current and future member club or individual angler and is driven by our core competencies of administering the association on an affiliate member club level. The WCSAA is based on democratic principles and an unfettered transparency that is the cornerstone of driving our success. The decisions that affect us is based on consultation and buy-in of our affiliate members that will lead us to be the premier angling body and the best we can be. It is literally the case of perspiration usurping the inspiration where we judge ourselves by our actions.

We live by the adage to "Test the boundaries, as it is not next to you" and have seen that there is no progress without some discontent and discomfort.

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