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The management of Westren Cape Shore Angling Association launched a
programme in 2004 to enable the public to clearly identify it's members and distinguish between organised anglers and the anglers from the public. The programme was neccessary not only for identification purposes but also to improve the image of angling and what we stand for. Our anglers were made aware of what impact our activities have on our enviroment and natural resources.

Willie van Heerden is the Enviromental Officer of this association. He is still part of the permanent angling team for twelve years that is invited by Dr Collin Attwood from Marine Coastal Management to tag and release fish in the De Hoop Nature reserve for scientific purposes. The associatons executive and all seven affiliated clubs Chairpersons meet on a bi-monthly basis at which Willie van Heerden has to report on enviromental issues and protection of our resources. This information is passed on to all 270 affiliated members by their club Chairpersons.

Herewith a few competition rules relevant to identification and conservation :

  • All fish shall be measured, the relevant details entered on an official score card and the catch will be returned to the sea.
  • The rules and regulations of Marine Coastal Management will apply ipso facto.
  • Each Member club shall register their official club colors with the Secretary.
  • During interclub competitions, each individual angler will, for the duration of the competition, wear at least one garment displaying his W.P. I.D. Logo.
  • W. P. I.D. Logos must be displayed on the members bait box.
  • W. P. I.D. Logos, will be identical in design, color and size and can only be obtained from the Association on registration of members.
  • During competition hours each and every individual participant will have in his possession the prescribed litter container. All items that could possibly be classified as litter must at all times be collected and placed in his container or bag. On departing from an angling spot it will be the individual angler's responsibility to ensure that all litter in the proximity of his activities have been completely cleared, removed and/or collected and placed in his litter container to be disposed of at a recognized refuse disposal point.  

A WP affiliated angler

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